Integrating the genome with the phenome

The 2014 Annual Conference took place on Tuesday 8th July at Kennedy LT, Institute of Child Health, UCL and it was held in conjunction with the South of England Genetic Epidemiology Group meeting.

Angelica Ronald (Birkbeck) – Beyond case-control studies of psychiatric conditions: The example of multi dimensional psychotic experiences in adolescence
Delilah Zabaneh (UCL) – Translating known Coronary Heart Disease associated genetic variants into therapeutic targets
Matt Silver (LSHTM) – Nutritional epigenetics in The Gambia
Marco Scutari (UCL) – Multiple Quantitative Trait Analysis in Statistical Genetics with Bayesian Networks
Chris Wallace (Cambridge) – Approaches to mapping multiple disease associations
David Balding (UCL) – Relatedness in the post-genome era: is it still useful?
Mike Weale (KCL) – Bayesian approaches to prioritizing causal variants
Jonathan Marchini (Oxford) – Analyzing multiple phenotypes in related samples : testing association, predicting phenotypes and genomic selection